Dutch Game Awards 2009

The Dutch Game Awards is a showcase of the Achievements of the Dutch Game Industry, highlighting  both the quality and quantity of games produced in the Netherlands.


For 2009 we have added the possibility for young companies within the Euro zone to compete for the title of Best Euro Game. Thereby providing a platform for these companies on which to display their professional achievements on a international stage.


The Dutch Game Awards is an initiative of Amersfoort Creative City and are widely supported by the Dutch Game industry as well as Control Magazine, the publication for Dutch Game professionals. The Dutch Game Association has adopted the awards as the National Game Awards for the Netherlands. The Dutch Game Awards have been made possible with funding from the City of Amersfoort, the Province of Utrecht, The Dutch Government and the European Union.


Award Categories :

  1. Best PC/Console Game
  2. Best Mobile/Handheld Game
  3. Best Online Game
  4. Best Visual Design
  5. Best Original Game Design
  6. Best Audio Design
  7. Best Advergame
  8. Best Serious Game
  9. Special Award
  10. Best Student Game
  11. Best Euro Game
  12. Control Magazine Readers Prize

The nominees and Award winners will be apointed by a jury of professionals from the Game Industry. The Jury members are :

  • Eric Bartelson – Editor in Chief Control
  • Martin de Ronde – One Big Game (jury member 2008)
  • Dimitri Heikamp – Sanoma / board member Dutch Games Association
  • Jan Pieter van Seventer – Dutch Game Garden
  • Joke Witteveen – Xmediaworks
  • Danielle Vogelenzang – MMO Life (previously working for the Spill Group).

Awards Process

All games that have been developed by a Dutch publisher or game developer can be entered for these prestigious Dutch Game Awards. To enter the competition a game must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Developed by a Dutch publisher or game developer (with 2 exceptions, see below);
  2. Published or made an initial release between the 1st of July 2008 en the 30th of June 2009;
  3. Entered for competition by the developer or publisher via the website.

The website contains the registration form for the awards. A company can register multiple games but each game entered must be registered on a separate form. Entries must be made no later than 24:00 on September 15th 2009.


For two categories there are exceptions to the first entry condition :

  • The Best Euro Game category is open to all game developers located within the Euro zone, being any European country with the Euro as national currency. Entry is, however, restricted to companies that are no older than 4 years as of the 1st of July 2009.
  • The Best Student Game category is open to all games developed by students that were registered at a Dutch Educational institution within the contending period. A playable demo version of the game must be available. Notice: To enable all students of the previous academic year to compete we are allowing alle games developed no later than the 30th of August to compete. This exception is only applicable to the Best Student Award.


This year, for the first time, it will also be possible for the readers of Control Magazine to contribute in the Award decisions by voting for game they like best. More information on how they can vote will be provided by Control Magazine and the website : http://www.control-online.nl

Entered games may compete in a maximum of three categories. In general there will be 3 nominees per Award category although the jury may, at their own discretion, choose 4 nominees for a particular category. At the begining of November all nominees and other contestants will receive an email notifying them of all nominations. The list of nominees will also be published on the Game in the City website. The winners of the 2nd Dutch Game Awards will be announced at the Game in the City event in Amersfoort on the 12th of November between 19.00 and 22.00, during the Award Dinner hosted together with Controle Magazine.


Nominees will be required to attend the Awards show on the 12th of November in Amersfoort. The decisions of the jury, concerning nominees and award winners, are absolute and cannot be contested. No correspondence concerning these decisions will be accepted.

Further Entry conditions

By entering a game in the Dutch Game Awards the entrant explicitly acknowledges that he/she owns all IP rights related to the game, the delivered text and illustrations, and further acknowledges having the legal right and position to grant permission for the use of the delivered materials within the context of Game in the City and the Dutch Game Awards. All entrants hereby consent to the use of any delivered materials for communication and marketing purposes related to Game in the City / Dutch Game Awards, and in the communication by the Dutch Games Association and Control Magazine, with the exception of any commercial or other use outside the context of Game in the City / Dutch Game Awards. In addition to the general disclaimer, the City of Amersfoort, Amersfoort Creatieve Stad and their partners are not responsible for faulty information, or abuse of the entry registration or the delivered materials. Measures will be taken in the case of abuse or manipulation.